Who is Lord Sananda?


Sananda is the first Jesus energy name.

The name “Jesus” was received by Sananda when he was incarnated on Earth. In addition, often Sananda is called Christ. He is a Great Lord of Love and Compassion. He watches on life destinies. He is Space God Son and Lord.



What is the main purpose of “Sananda Mystery School”?


The Sananda Mystery School exists to help facilitate personal and spiritual growth for awakening souls on Earth. It is designed to keep the student focused on self-integration while investigating the nature of the various realms, planes and dimensions of existence. There is no separation between inner and outer reality, despite the apparent demarcations of the body and mind. This school is therefore focused on how to dissolve the barriers to true perception. It is designed partly as a more advanced form of “A Course In Miracles” and partly in the traditional approach of a classic mystery school.