About Authors

Sal_RacheleSal Rachele has been a pioneer in the human potential field for over 25 years. In the mid 1970s he became interested in developing his psychic and intuitive abilities and took Silva Mind Control. Sal later developed his own unique method called “Alpha-Theta Programming”, designed to reprogram the subconscious mind and unlock the creative potential within.

Sal became involved in Leonard Orr’s Rebirthing and Jim Leonard’s Integrative Rebirthing, a yoga of breath and conscious purification. 
In the 1980s, he did extensive work combining guided meditations, original piano music and psychic counseling in his work.
He recorded several cassettes and one CD of his original New Age classical melodies, the latest of which is “Angel Dance.” He worked with a hypnotherapist in the 1980s to create 2075“The Leonard Series” of self-hypnosis and self-improvement cassettes.

In 1994, he published his first book, “Life On the Cutting Edge,” a self-help manual with extensive illustrations, diagrams and charts.
Numerous projects later, he became aware of his connection to Leah, a sixth-density Venusian, and the Arcturians, a collective consciousness from seventh-density Arcturus, and began consciously channeling information from these entities.
In 2004, he began developing a healing based on the Sacred Sound Current, or “Naam” and was given guidance on creating initiations based on this work.
Most recently, Sal has been guided to help souls heal their past, parallel and future timelines through a “cosmic reframing” process involving the merging of the conscious self with the God Presence.
Sal lives in Northeastern Arizona, but travels extensively around the American Southwest and West Coast. He is developing a 40-acre ranch that is “off the grid” and has partially constructed a 40-foot geodesic dome for future workshops and retreats.