About School

Welcome! You are about to embark upon an exciting journey of self-discovery and exploration of the mysteries of the Universe, with your trusted guide and friend, Lord Sananda, as channeled by Sal Rachele and special guest Melissa Hogan. In order to make these teachings available to all who can benefit from them, we have condensed the school into a series of online lessons and periodic all-day seminars.

Purpose: The Sananda Mystery School exists to help facilitate personal and spiritual growth for awakening souls on Earth. It is designed to keep the student focused on self-integration while investigating the nature of the various realms, planes and dimensions of existence. There is no separation between inner and outer reality, despite the apparent demarcations of the body and mind. This school is therefore focused on how to dissolve the barriers to true perception. It is designed partly as a more advanced form of “A Course In Miracles” and partly in the traditional approach of a classic mystery school.

Format: Sananda recognizes that most humans on Earth at this time have extremely busy lives, are raising children, working, and interacting in a fast-paced, technologically active environment. For this reason, these lessons have been structured for a few minutes a day of your attention and practice, or a half-hour once a week, if that is better suited to your schedule.

What is Included: Each lesson consists of an opening and closing prayer, two channelings from Sananda, a meditation, discussion and various exercises. Some exercises involve inner reflection, while others require a journal or diary book. Occasionally you will be asked to verbalize with a partner or into a mirror if a partner is unavailable. An online forum may be provided where students can discuss the lessons between themselves. A three-ring binder with printed versions of the lessons can be provided at an additional cost.

Independent Study: Some students learn faster than others. This does not make them better or worse than slow learners, just different. For this reason, you can order the lessons at your own pace from this website. The lessons are inexpensive and there are no long-term commitments. If you find, at any time, that the lessons no longer speak to you, or that you feel, after deep introspection, that another path is a higher priority for you at this time, then you can simply stop ordering them. We do ask, however, that you complete the lessons you have already ordered, again at your own pace.

Below is a description of the lessons in this course. Keep in mind that new lessons may be added periodically. You will note that the lessons are broken down into phases, each containing 26 lessons plus reviews. You can order any or all of the lessons in Phase 1, as long as you do them in order. For example, you can order Lessons 1 through 10, and then at a later date, Lessons 11 through 26. Or, you can order three at a time, or four at a time, or the whole phase all at once. However, you cannot order just Lessons 17 and 24. To order Lesson 17, you must have already ordered Lessons 1 through 16. To order Lesson 24, you must have already ordered Lessons 1 through 23. The lessons are designed to be done in order and you will gain far greater benefit if you do not skip around.

Copyright Info: This is a serious, advanced spiritual course and is intended only for those students who feel called to participate. If you have family, friends and business associates who might be candidates for the course, they will need to order the lessons on their own. You are not permitted to copy or share the lessons with others unless you obtain permission from Sal Rachele aka Living Awareness Productions. If you want a family rate, contact Sal.